Manganese Ore

Manganese Ore CODE: MNG03






This kind of rough  brazil  manganese ore has of stones with good good tenor of manganese. the medium tenor of the manganese that we work is:  

Mn------ 42% to 52%

Sio2 ------ 4,2% to 6,72%

Fe ----- 0,99% to 2,10%

Al2o3 ----- 2,55% to 2,89%

P ----  0,02% to 0,06%

As ---- 0,01% to 0,03% 

We can supply  any tenor of manganese ore, please report us the chemical composition that you need, that quickly will give a return for you.We can give the ore of manganese, broken and washed in any size that you need, in it ties 15.000 tones per month.

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